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  • "You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation to believe better things."
    Jamie Tworkowski (via coffeecocktail)
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  • One of my favorite spots in DTLA 🙋😍 #Latergram

  • Why are you successful?

    I fleshed out my last post ‘Why are you successful?’ to my Univision education blog audience and it’s been a tremendous experience having so many people share it! To check it out, go here:

  • "Never has a book so infected my dreams with vivid visions."
  • Why are you successful?

    I was recently asked this question, and to be honest, I was a little stumped, and when I thought I had the answer, I retrieved the thought because I didn’t think it was the right answer.

    First of all, I’m not a billionaire, I don’t have my dream job (yet) and I am your stereotypical broke college graduate with thousands of dollars in debt. BUT, so far in my 23 years of existence, I’ve done some really cool things, those of which I’m forever grateful for. 

    In answering, I took a selfish route, and said it was because of my drive, positive attitude and my passion to pursue my dreams. While it seems narcissistic of me to say that, it is true. I believe in myself. I believe that without the drive, positive attitude and passion, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Although I haven’t achieved my ultimate success, I know I have achieved some (i.e. the first of my family to graduate from college).

    But then I caught myself coming across the word opportunity. I am fortunate, lucky, and thankful that many people have given me the opportunity to excel. 

    But wait, people giving me the opportunity to excel…

    And then the question was shot right back to the person that had asked me the initial question.

    He responded, “people.” 

    And he is absolutely right.

    He said that without people, success wouldn’t have ever happened to him. It was because of the right people, and those who stood beside him, was the reason why he is where he is today (mind you, a very important VP of a major NGO). 

    My success is also due to the people who believe in me. Whether they provide me with moral support, advice, or the actual opportunities, a major reason why I’m successful is because of friends, mentors, professors, colleagues, and family.

    So that is another answer. People. The people behind us. The people or person that believes in us, and sometimes, believes in us more than we believe ourselves. 

    And let me not forget another answer. Hard work. It’s true, hard work does pay off. And while I’m still waiting for my big break (ahem, I’m looking at you media outlets), my efforts so far, have been extremely rewarding.

    So there you have three reasons why I’m successful, and I believe that these three principles can be applied to you too. Drive, attitude, and passion is everything. People are essential. And last but certainly not least, hard work is the foundation to success. 

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  • A new-old record | A La Deriva by Making Movies #NP

  • "Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible."
    Things I’ll teach my children  (via whitenes-s)

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  • John Mayer
    I'm Gonna Find Another You
  • yvettethelady:

    I’m gonna dress myself for two
    Once for me and once for someone new
    I’m gonna do some things you wouldn’t
    Let me do
    I’m gonna find another you

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  • Cutting into wounds

    Cutting into old wounds,
    is temporary pain
    Because when I’m with you,
    I lose my mind, it’s not good, I’m insane.

    It’s temporary pain,
    To spend time with you, I’m chained.
    I’ve stayed away for all these years
    You came back, this time - my game.

    It’s temporary pain,
    To hold me tightly, intoxicating me softly
    It’s temporary pain,
    To try and love me, falling slowly.

    It’s temporary pain,
    To cut into old wounds, go insane.
    It’s always been temporary pain,
    To know you’ll come back, and feel again.

  • "How do we forgive ourselves for all of the things we did not become?"
    "14 Lines from Love Letters or Suicide Notes" by David ‘Doc’ Luben (via sstabla)

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  • Two ways

    They call me crazy,

    but I shrug them all away.

    Because I run, 

    I run back to him strong and proud

    He calls me baby

    But I’m nothing to you babe

    I’ve seen you in the crowd,

    how you get them pretty girls now.

    They call me foolish,

    But I tell them they don’t know my strength

    Because I’m strong, 

    Stronger than all my men. 

    But babe, you’ve seen me too

    In the crowd, not looking at you.

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